The Renegade Series

  • The Renegade series consists of three feature loaded airbrushes - The Velocity, the Spirit, and The Rage.
  • The Renegades are for use in extremely detailed and tight graphic applications. These incredibly innovative airbrushes possess the most precise paint tip and linear air flow (needle) angle specifications, and feature manufacturing processes and materials technology never before utilized by the airbrush industry.
  • "Smartcenter” nozzle assemblies ensure absolutely precise needle/nozzle alignment & spray performance; “tensionsense” trigger assembly for smooth & responsive triggering; “stopset” trigger control handle to provide accurate recurring spray pattern memory

Badger Renegade R1V Velocity

  • Badger Renegade R1V Velocity (Gravity Feed)

    • 0.21 mm nozzle set
    • 7ml paint cup
    • Paint Volumn Control
    • An additional spray regulator and a 1/8-inch air hose adaptor