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Harder & Steenbeck is a market leader in producing premium quality airbrushes, from the entry level Ultra to the flag ship professional Infinity CRplus models. The featuring "drop-in-nozzle" system makes the airbrushes easy to clean and maintain.  Harder & Steenbeck provides a wide range of airbrushes, with the universal interchangeable nozzle sets, to meet your budget and application. 

Harder & Steenbeck 是一間歷史悠久的德國噴筆製造商, 為大家提供多款噴筆選擇, 它的"Drop in nozzle" 設計, 使噴筆易於拆解, 方便清潔噴筆及保養。

H&S 生產的噴筆涵蓋初用者的Ultra系列至高階的Infinity 系列, , 質量均有保証。

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