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  • Tamiya Model Cleaning Brush (Anti-Static)
  • Specially designed to help keep your display models looking sharp.
  • Its fibers not only remove dust and debris, but also static electricity to prevent dust build-up. 
  • 田宮 74078 模型清潔筆刷 (附設掃除靜電功能)
  • 適用於掃除模型表面的灰塵和污垢,並採用除靜電刷毛可消除表面靜電以乃止灰塵立即重新依附。筆端更設有一個迷你毛刷,方便清潔微細凹槽。

TAMIYA 74078 Model Cleaning Brush (Anti-Static)

SKU: TA-74078
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