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HANSA Topline – controlled double function for perfectly easy operation!

Hansa Topline series airbrushes have a controlled double function where the control lever only needs to be pulled in one direction to the rear. Air and paint are mixed automatically. All Topline instruments are equipped with an adjustable paint volume control.

    Harder & Steenbeck Hansa 381 Chrome

    庫存單位: HS-213814
    HK$1,000.00 一般價格
    只剩 3 件庫存
    • Harder & SteenbeckHansa 381 Chrome

      • Nozzle set 0.3mm
      • Color cup 5ml
      • Chrome-finish
      • Paint volume control
      • Optionally change to to other nozzle sizes (0.2 / 0.3 / 0.4 mm)
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