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WAVE OM017 瞬間膠水 (透明, 易切削)


  • 高粘度, 乾後透明, 容易切削的特性。
  • 可以粘合塑膠或樹脂等零件。
  • 當需要打磨時,可以配合膠水硬化噴霧使用 (另外購買)
  • It is a high-cutting type model adhesive that is transparent and can be sharpened with a knife or file after hardening.
  • It has a high viscosity and the applied adhesive is hard to sat.
  • In addition to glueing various parts such as plastic models and garage kits, it is convenient for filling such as hike, pinhole, and streedge carving, and for erasing.
  • When serving and filling, please use "Instant Hardening Spray (sold separately)" together.


  • [Things that cannot be glued]
    Polyethylene / Polypropylene / Nylon / Soft PVC / Silicone Resin / Fluoropolymer / Glass / Fiber / Leather

WAVE OM017 Instant Adhesive, High Cutting, Gel Type [transparent]

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