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WAVE OM019 黑色瞬間膠水 (高粘度)


  • 因為黑色的源故,容易睇到施工的地方,另外它軟硬適中,擁有高作業效能,可以用刀或銼進行加工。
  • 由於它高粘度,不容易塗佈過量,適合填補窿,孔,或刻線刻錯的地方。(當作一個畢地使用,配合膠水硬化噴霧可以增加作業速度。)
  • 亦可以當作一般瞬間膠水使用。
  • It is black so that you can clearly see where the glue is applied, and it has good workability. Also, it is not too hard and not too soft, and it can be shaved crispy with a cutter or file, so post-processing is easy.
  • Because the viscosity is high, it is hard to sare and the glue does not flow too much. It can be used for hike, pinhole, suji engraving, etc., and can be used in a way like conventional lacquer putty. (By using instantaneous hardening spray together, you can increase your work speed.)
  • It can be used as a normal instant glue.

WAVE OM122 Black Instant Adhesive (high viscosity type)

庫存單位: WA-OM122
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