Tamiya 74522 Spray-work Painting Stand Set

  • A multipurpose painting stand set with 2 easy to use stands.
  • Both stands can be adjusted and used for a wide range of sized and shaped pieces. The 16cm diameter turntable has different sized holes to affix various parts to the stand.
  • Comes with 4 spring clips. 
  • 田宮 74522 噴塗工作旋轉台

  • 提供兩款台架給予固定一般模型組件和1/24比例的車殼使用,方便噴塗後放置於台上等待乾透。配有4個固定夾以供使用。

TAMIYA 74522 Spray-Work Painting Stand Set

SKU: TA-74522